Optimal Cancer Care Pathways

The optimal cancer care pathways (OCPs) describe optimal cancer care. They map the patient journey, aiming to foster an understanding of the whole pathway and its distinct components to promote quality cancer care and patient experiences. The resources identify specific steps, or critical points along the care pathway and the recommended care at each point.

Versions have been developed for both cancer patients and health professionals; they help identify specific steps along the patient’s journey and the recommended care at each point.

The clinical guides for health professionals set out key principles for optimal care at each step of the patient journey from prevention through to survivorship / end of life care.

The guides have been endorsed by the National Cancer Expert Reference Group, Cancer Australia and Cancer Council Australia.

Patients and their family and carers can use the consumer versions to better understand an often complex health system, and to know what questions to ask of their health professionals to ensure they receive the best care at every step.

More Information

For more information regarding the OCPs, or to send feedback, please email optimalcare.pathways@cancervic.org.au

Cancer What Happens Next.

Quick reference guides for consumers describe the optimal cancer care that should be provided at each step and what consumers can expect. The consumer OCPs have been developed into an interactive web portal and translated into other languages.

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