Community Participation Network

Hume RICS is committed to creating an environment that actively encourages consumer participation and respects the diversity of people within our community.


A consumer is a person who has experienced cancer or cancer services. This could mean that you have or have had cancer, or that you are a family member or carer of someone who has experienced cancer. It could also mean that you are a community member who would like to be involved in decision making about your healthcare and the healthcare of your community.

Would you like to become involved in the Community Participation Network?

The Community Participation Network is a registry that you may join. We use this registry to send out regular updates about our quality improvement projects and events of interest to people affected by cancer and cancer services in the Hume region.
The role is voluntary and you choose your level of interest and availability.

Our community members choose their preference for participating either face to face, by telephone, post or email. Some people may just wish to be informed about cancer services or service improvement activities, others may wish to be involved on committees or working parties. We welcome interest from all community members.

If you agree to become involved, but later wish to withdraw, you may do so at any time. It is your personal choice.

For more information on becoming a Consumer Participant please contact:

Phone: (03) 5831 0194

Are you a cancer patient, survivor or carer who would like to be involved in improving cancer services?

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