Community Ambassador Program

The Community Ambassador Program is a state wide Integrated Cancer Services (ICS) project, piloted successfully by North Eastern Melbourne Integrated Cancer Service (NEMICS) in 2013.

The Community Ambassador Program was selected as a state wide project at the 2016 Inaugural Forum for ICS consumers and secretariat staff, in part due to feedback from consumers identifying a need to hear more from people who have had direct experience of cancer rather than solely from health professionals. 

The goal of the Community Ambassador Program “Cancer Support: What to know and where to get help” Project is to improve health literacy and increase community awareness of cancer support services and how to access them in the Hume region.

It aims to assist people feel more confident in dealing with cancer by building health literacy, motivating people to take an active role in regards to their health and informing them of reputable supports available when dealing with cancer and how to access them.

Please see below flyer regarding the Community Ambassador Program. 

If you would like a Hume RICS Community Ambassador to speak to your group, please contact Rebecca McAllister on (03) 5832 8301 or email 

Emotional and practical support is just as important as the medical treatment. You need support, and to get the support, you need to know what is out there and how to get it.

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