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Cancer Council - Cancer in the School Community

Cancer in the School Community is a resource for public and private school staff who would like to support students, parents and colleagues with cancer. Although the book was written for an audience of public and private school staff, the content may also be useful for parents, students and family members.

Phone: 13 11 20      

Cancer Council - Cancer, Work & You

Cancer, Work & You is a practical resource for employees and self-employed people with cancer, and working carers. It contains information about how cancer can affect your ability to work, tips about working during treatment and recovery, and information about your rights and entitlements. There are also suggestions for people trying to balance employment and caring duties.

Phone: 13 11 20      

Cancer Council - Key questions about cancer and work

If you decide to work during treatment or return to work after it's finished, there are several options to consider, such as flexible working arrangements and your leave entitlements. You may also want to talk to your employer about a return to work plan.

Phone: 13 11 20      

Cancer Council - School issues

It is important for both the patient and parents to maintain contact with the child's school, teachers and school friends whilst having cancer treatment. Continuing to engage a child during treatment in learning may be challenging at times, but it is also an important part of recovery.

Phone: 13 11 20      

Cancer Council - Working with cancer

Many cancer patients continue to work during their treatment and recovery, just as many people caring for someone with cancer are also holding down jobs. Often colleagues don't know what to say or how to help. Our Working with cancer resource helps to make attending work or returning to work easier for patients, carers and survivors and their colleagues.

Phone: 13 11 20      


Dealing with school when you have cancer.

Toll Free: 1800 835 932

Fair Work Ombudsman

Fair Work Ombudsman can provide information and advice about your workplace rights and obligations.

Phone: 13 13 94      

The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne

Beginning school, transitioning to primary or secondary school, or coping with interrupted schooling can be challenging for any child and their family. This can be made more difficult when your child has a health condition. To achieve the best possible educational outcomes, a child with a chronic health condition needs ongoing and coordinated support from their family, school and medical carers.

Phone: (03) 9345 5522      
For information and support, call a cancer nurse on 13 11 20. To use an interpreter call 13 14 50. You can also email or visit
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