About Hume RICS

Hume Regional Integrated Cancer Service (Hume RICS) was established in 2004 as one of nine Victorian Integrated Cancer Services (ICS) funded by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Integrated Cancer Services

The ICS are formal partnerships between health services that aim to improve the planning and delivery of cancer care so that it is coordinated, appropriate and effective. The role of the ICS is to:

  • Build relationships between providers, health services and settings
  • Improve cancer care through quality improvement processes
  • Plan cancer services across a geographic area based on access, appropriateness and effectiveness.

The ICS are the platform through which improvements in cancer service delivery and patient care are being implemented.

Hume Regional Integrated Cancer Service

Following extensive consultation and in line with the policy, Clinical Network A Framework for Victoria, Hume RICS formed two clinical networks in December 2008 – the Goulburn and Ovens Murray Cancer Networks. This is considered to better mirror clinical practice across the Goulburn Valley and Hume Highway corridors and enable more rapid cancer service development.

Whilst ICS are a Victorian Department of Health and Human Services Initiative, Hume RICS also works closely with cancer services in southern New South Wales (NSW). In May 2009, the Border Cancer Collaboration (BCC) of Albury, NSW, transitioned into the Ovens Murray Cancer Network of Hume RICS and continues to address issues for the community to enable cross border cancer services.

Established on the 1 July 2009, Albury Wodonga Health (AWH) became the first public cross border health service to exist in Australia. Under an intergovernmental agreement between the NSW and Victorian governments, the Albury Base Hospital and Wodonga Regional Health Service merged to create one of the largest regional public health services between Sydney and Melbourne. AWH supports a wide catchment that extends from southern NSW to Northeast Victoria.

The Moira shire of Hume RICS is divided and is included in both Goulburn and Ovens Murray Cancer Networks.

The chairs of the Goulburn and Ovens Murray Cancer Network commitees are accountable to the Hume RICS executive and communicate through attendance at Executive meetings.

This model was developed with the aim of providing responsible leadership and management in the planning, development and delivery of cancer services within the Hume region.

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Executive Committee West Hume Cancer Network Committee Border / East Hume Cancer Network Committee West Hume Clinical Reference Group Border / East Hume Clinical Reference Group Consumer Reference Group

Our mission is to guide and coordinate the development of cancer services and positively make a difference to cancer support and treatment within the Hume region.

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